We are still in developing phase , and we are very happy that you wanna join us , while this website have subtitle a statisitcian blog , but we are not limited to statistics only, We publish articles to very broad category such as machine learning , website development , computer science , mathematics , technology and we are adding more and more on users request , any request to add category will be discussed in our slack group , feel free to join the group.


Publishing Guidelines

We have a very simple rule for publishing article on our website

  1. Download Typora , from here Typora, it is just a markdown editor to write articles
  2. Write your article in typora and save the markdown file
  3. Send the markdown file to the ceostatML@gmail.com , with subject “ARTICLE”, and “category” and “tag” in the body of the mail , you can add more than one tag but category should be only one
  4. And lastly ping us on slack
  5. Then after that you will receive an email with a link to a form , fill the form
  6. After filling form you will get a unique-id on your mail
  7. And your article will be published under ten minutes after that
  8. Next time you just have to send your markdown file with subject “ARTICLE-{unique-id} “ , no need to fill form again

Happy Blogging