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Probability Theory (Series)

2 minute read

Day 0 : History The history of probability theory is a fascinating journey that spans centuries and involves contributions from various cultures and thinker...

Convergence of Markov Chain

18 minute read

What is Markov Chain ? Markov Chain is a Stochastic Model in which Future is dependent only on Present not on Past , What I mean to say that is ...

Highest Posterior Density Interval

3 minute read

Highest Posterior Density Interval is interval of the parmeter in which the posterir value are high when compared to any other point outside the interval (i....

Introduction to Logistic Regression

4 minute read

Usually in Linear Regression we consider $X$ as a explanatory variable whose columns are $X_1 , X_2 …..X_{p}$ are the variables which we use predict are the ...

Supervised Learning with Scikit Learn

31 minute read

Machine Learning is the art of giving computers the ability to learn from data and make decisions on their own without explicitly programmed for example ...